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Property management

Our team here at Red Rock Flooring & Design has been working very diligently towards perfecting the level and quality of service we provide, specifically for our realtors and property management partners. Our flooring experience for property management, as well as continuous conversations with our strong property management partners have led to the creation of a transparent, clean, efficient and honest approach towards estimating and installing flooring materials.

We have ensured we are affiliated, backed and in great standing with the governing bodies that regulate both of our industries; Nevada State Contractors Board and NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). Red Rock Flooring & Design Inc. is one of only two affiliated licensed contractors and the only flooring specific contractor affiliated with NARPM chapter of Southern Nevada. Please see our brochure designed for our realtors & property management clients.

Our transparent approach is catered in a way that allows realtor, property managers and owners to make sound, economical, and design decisions or changes as they see fit for their project.

Our free estimates include:

  • Full floor plan/diagram.
  • Guaranteed accurate estimate (no hidden charges).
  • First quality goods: We do not purchase materials from a second line or defective marketplace.

Our installations include:

  • Every installation requires our team to complete a pre and post-inspection to ensure we are providing the very best service to our partners, their customers, and the end-user.
  • Photographs are attached to your invoice of any pre-existing issues and post installation follow up.

Please feel free to reach out to us for scheduling new estimates via text/call at (702) 600-6095 or

We are excited to work with you! Contact us today for more information.